Anglophones 2023

Fifteen members of Batala Lancaster took a trip to Barmouth to join members of other UK-based Batala bands at Angolphones 2023. This was the first Batala UK meet-up since Portsmouth in 2019, after Anglophones 2020 had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions.

Organised by Batala Bermo, Anglophones saw members of Batala Bermo, Batala Bangor, Batala Bristol, Batala Galez, Batala Mersey, Batala Bristol, Batala Portsmouth, Batala London, Batala Lancaster, and newly formed Batala Manchester come together for a meet and greet on Friday evening, a full day’s rehearsal on Saturday followed by a party, and three gigs in the town on Sunday. The culmination of the weekend was a final set on the beach.

All six members of Batala Lancaster’s musical team were involved in calling the 140+ strong Mundo band over the two days, either at practice or during the gigs themselves.

Photos by Roo Pitt